Sailor Moon (Aka Serena (Usagi うさぎ) Is the main character from

Sailor moon crystal render by luna ris-d7gg8or

Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon Crystal (Newer (2014))

Sailor Moon. She is the leader of the Sailor Scouts. She loves to party, eat snacks, going to the arcade, and other things that a geeky teenager likes. She fights for love, justice, and the Moon. She was chosen by Luna (Also Princess Serenity). She is one of the most popular superstars in Anime/Manga. She also is the Princess of the Moon Kingdom. Sailor Moon has 2 or more manga series. She is everyone's favourite scout.

Name: Serena (Usagi)

Age: 14

Lives in: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 5'4" (Unknown)

Sailor moon princess serena by jackowcastillo-d6uqf6e

Sailor Moon in her 2nd form (Princess Serena (Usagi))

Fights for: The Moon, Justice, and Love

Hair: Long, Flowing blonde hair

Eyes: Blue/Sky Blue

Scout name: Sailor Moon (Princess Serena/Serenity)

Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon (Original Version)