• Misaki Ayuzawa as a maid
  • Misaki Ayuzawa as the Seika High President
  • Maid Cafe
  • Takumi Usui

Illustrated and written by Hiro Fujiwara


Seika High School, once an all-boys school notorious for its wild students and for generally being a terrifying place for girls, has recently become a co-ed school. With the female population still a minority and living in fear of the over-the-top antics of the males, Misaki Ayuzawa takes it into her own hands to reform the school and allow the girls to feel safe in the rough environment.

Training, studying, and even becoming the first female student council president of the school, Misaki has gained a reputation among the male students body as an uptight, boy-hating dictator and as a shining hope for the teachers and fellow female students. However, despite her tough-as-nails appearance, she secretly works part-time at a maid cafe in order to support her family. Unfortunately, her hard-earned reputation is threatened when the popular, attractive, and somewhat impassive Takumi Usui takes an interest in her after discovering her in a maid uniform after school.

He helps her keep her secret and during the series, they fall in love and eventually become a couple.

Main CharactersEdit

Misaki AyuzawaEdit

The protagonist of the story, sixteen years old at the beginning of the story. Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president at Seika High and known for her extremely demanding and aggressive attitude towards boys. She relentlessly attempts to reform them to live up to what she considers are acceptable standards of behavior. Though many of the male students fear and even hate her, the ones who get to know her come to see that she's actually very fair and willing to help anyone who needs it. 

Takumi UsuiEdit

One of the most popular boys at Seika High, Takumi Usui is a 17 year old boy who appears to take little interest in anything and prefers to observe things as they unfold. He proves to be extraordinarily talented in a number of different fields, including cooking, the violin, chess, and table etiquette. However, he reveals very few details about his past willingly. Because he tells Misaki that he likes her on a regular basis, along with his uncanny ability to appear whenever Misaki needs him, his diverse and unusual skills, and the fact that he survived jumping off the school's roof into the swimming pool, she often refers to him as a "perverted outer-space alien".

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